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Signal Conditioning Modules

RATO has a wide range of signal conditioning modules which include DC voltage, current, AC voltage, current, frequency, Thermocouple, RTD (2, 3 and 4 wire), load cell, potentiometer and electric charge. Outputs for signal conditioning modules can be voltage, current, frequency, timer, counter, relay, resistance or potentiometer and any other specialized outputs with single or multiple isolated outputs

The signal conditioning process includes amplification, filtering, range matching and isolation to make the output suitable for processing after conditioning. The power lines present in the environment will produce noise if the signal is amplified without filtering. Signal amplification performs two important functions: to increase the resolution of the input signal and to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. The commonly used amplifiers in signal conditioning are sample and hold amplifiers, peak detectors, log amplifiers, Instrumentation amplifiers. Signal Isolation is done through magnetic or optic isolation.

Types of devices that are used in RATO?s signal conditioning are signal filters, instrumentation amplifiers, sample and hold amplifiers, isolation amplifiers, signal isolators, multiplexers, Analog to digital converters, digital to Analog converters, frequency converters or translators, voltage converters or inverters, frequency to voltage converters or vice versa, current to voltage converters and charge converters.


  • SCM Models available are Voltage, Current, Thermocouple, RTD (2, 3 and 4 wire), Load Cell, Potentiometer Single and 1 to 4 channels.
  • Current and Voltage Models are available with 22.5mm (H) x 75mm (W) x 105mm (D) Dimensions.
  • Thermocouple, RTD and potentiometer models are with 45mm (H) x 75mm (W) x 105mm (D) Dimensions.
  • Signal Inputs are DC Voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current, Thermocouple (K, J&T Types with CJC) RTD (2, 3 and 4 wire), Potentiometer.
  • SCM modules are available with single or multiple isolated outputs.
  • All types of SCMs are complied with the standards as IS 9000 for Environment tests, IEC 61000 for EMI/EMC and IEEE 344 for SEISMIC as per customer requirement.

SCMs can be designed and supplied as per customer’s requirement on request.