Product Details

Annunciation Windows and Systems

Annunciator window displays provide an indication of process status which is a must in any process applications. RATO?S Annunciator window provides a bright, colourful display surface with options of sizes, colours and control logics with Built-in flasher & buzzer amplifier circuit. Variety of window sizes can be mixed in a single unit. Windows give Bright and colourful display surface with low power long life illumination through LED?s/Multi-chip LED?s. The built-in logic controllers can turn the display lights into a fully programmable annunciation window. Single or double alarm system is possible in a single unit. Sequence pattern can be changed by setting the switch.

Annunciator systems usually call attention to abnormal process conditions by the use of individual illuminated visual displays and audible devices. Changes from one annunciator sequence state to another are caused by changes in process conditions and also by manual operation of pushbuttons. The new sequence state may be dependent on the process condition that exists at the time pushbuttons are operated. Process condition changes are usually sensed by field contacts. The visual displays usually flash to indicate abnormal process conditions and change when alarms are acknowledged. All of the alarm points of an annunciator usually use the same sequence; however, different sequences can be used for individual alarm points or groups of points in one annunciator. Our models feature environmental resistant, Noise immunity and reliability oriented designs, which includes component de-rating. Field Signals can be selected as either normally open or closed contacts. RATO can supply Annunciator windows up to 200 field inputs and 200 indicator outputs effortlessly. RATO can configure any of the following Annunciation sequences such as First-up sequence, Auto Reset sequence, Non-latch sequence, Reflash sequence, Ring back sequence and two button sequence.


  • Annunciator systems of 2, 8, 16, 32 and 48 Channel available.
  • Window Dimensions can be 24x48 mm, 36x72 mm, 48x48 mm, 50x50 mm etc.
  • Power input can be 5V DC, 12V DC, 15V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC and 220V DC OR 230V AC.
  • Display is through Lens illumination with LEDs/ Multi-chip LEDs.
  • Display Colours are RED, AMBER, GREEN, YELLOW and WHITE.
  • Remote connectivity will be 1C, 2C and 4C potential free relay contacts.
  • Annunciators are complied with standards as IS 9000 for Climatic tests, IEC 61000 for EMI/EMC and IEEE 344 for SEISMIC.
RATO can configure ONE Annunciation window to a maximum of 200 windows, with one or different window sizes, different colours with LED?s/multi-chip LED?s, desired annunciation systems with sequences, number of potential free contact outputs and different input voltages AC/DC as per customer?s choice.

Flasher & Hooter Unit Features:

  • Input Power 230V AC
  • Analog Input 1- 5 V DC; Contact input coming from RADAS for Muting the Buzzer
  • Two Set point outputs for HIGH and VERY HIGH can be adjustable from 1-5V DC
  • Adjustable Flash Rate of 10 to 50 flashes per minute
  • Adjustable Hooter ON time 1-5 minutes; OFF time 1-30 minutes
  • 25 meters Hooter Range
  • Hooter Test facility
  • Flasher is with RED LEDs and RED colour Glass Dome for clear Alarm visibility.
  • SS wire mesh protection for dome.
  • Flasher & Hooter units are complied with standards as IS 9000 for Climatic tests, IEC 61000 for EMI/EMC and IEEE 344 for SEISMIC.

RATO can configure the Hooter of customer’s choice with any modified specifications.