Product Details

Bar Graph Indicators

RATO?s Bar graph indicators consist of single, dual and circular models. Single and dual Bar graph indicators are designed for horizontal and vertical orientations. Bars are available in Red, Green, Amber and tricolours for easy viewing. The 101 segment bar gives the operator a quick view of the measured signal and the control set points. Separate set point LEDs provide an added visual indication of control/alarm status. Signal direction is shown by trend arrows. Set points and other parameters are easily entered from the front panel.

RATO?s bar graph Indicators are available with or without Digital read outs. The 101 segment bar provides 1% resolution for the selected bar span, which can be any portion of the input range. Red, Green and tricolour bars are available. The tricolour bar can be set to change colour based on signal level. This provides an easily seen indication when a measured parameter needs attention. The set point values are the transition points for colour changes. Any colour can be set between two adjacent set point values. In a common application, the bar is Green when the signal is below (set point) SP1. When the signal is between SP1 & SP2, the entire bar changes to Amber. Above SP2, the entire bar changes to Red. Analog retransmit a 0-10V or 4-20mA isolated Analog output is available for remote indication or SCADA interface.

RATO?s Bar Graph indicators can be configured for a wide range of input signals. These indicators satisfy the high quality standards of the process control requirements.


  • Available sizes are 24x72mm, 24x144mm, 48x144mm and 72x144mm with & without Digital Display.
  • Single & dual and circular Bar graph configurations available
  • Bar graph scaling of Zero point can be top(left) or bottom(Right) or in between the digital display range
  • Four programmable set points
  • Front panel set point status indicators
  • Up to 4 relay contact outputs for control and alarms
  • 230V AC or any other power supply range (AC & DC)
  • 0-10VDC or 0-20 mA signal input.
  • Green, Red and Amber or Tricolour Bar Graph Display
  • 3 digit or 4 digit Seven segment LEDs Digital Readout
  • ? 1Segment Accuracy for Bar graph.
  • Accuracy of ? 0.1% for Full Scale Value for Digital Display

RATO can accept any type of input, number of Bars, number of set points and number of contact outputs as per customer’s choice.