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Linear power Supplies

Linear power supplies are often used in situations where the regulation and noise is of paramount importance; these are widely used because of the advantages they offer in terms of overall performance. Often audio amplifiers and many other Sensitive Instruments use linear power supplies to obtain the best performance. The term linear power supply implies that the power supply is regulated to provide the correct voltage at the output. Since there is no switching element the noise is kept to a minimum.

Though linear power supplies may not be as efficient as switching mode power supplies, size of the unit tends to be larger and because of usage of a series or parallel regulating elements significant amount of heat is dissipated, which needs sufficiently large Heat sinks to remove the dissipated heat. Despite of all, the linear power supplies offer the best performance and are therefore used in many applications where the regulation and ripple/noise is of great importance.

RATO has produced many types of Linear Power supplies which work with 230V AC or 220V DC, with different output voltages and current ratings. We could achieve <10mV peak to peak ripple/ noise voltage with <0.05% line and load regulations.

RATO has produced precision power supply which gives ?10V DC/0.5A with less than 0.7mV ripple/noise and 0.002% line regulation & 0.005% load regulation and drift is less than 6ppm/0C


  • Input can be either 230V AC or 220V DC or any other desired fixed or variable AC or DC input voltages.
  • DC Outputs can be ? 5V, ? 12V, ? 15V, ?24V, +28V, +45V, +48V and variable voltages 22 to 32V or any desired variable voltage.
  • We have supplied units with Current Rating as high as 60 A; can be worked out any desired value.
  • Very low ripple/Noise <10mV.
  • Excellent Line and Load Regulation 0.05%.
  • Short circuit and Over voltage protections.
  • Power supply failure status indication local/ Remote.
  • Isolation between outputs, input & outputs and Chassis.
  • Digital Display of each individual voltage.
  • 0.005% Stability of the Output voltage for 24 hrs.
  • Parallel operation and Dynamic load current sharing.
  • Better Line and Load Dynamic Response.
  • Units can be hot swapped.
  • 1U to 6U heights or any desired dimensions.
  • 19? Rack mountable and standalone models available.
  • Compact unit dimensions.
  • Climatic Tests Complies with IS9000.
  • EMI/EMC Tests Complies with IEC 61000.
  • SEISMIC Tests complies with IEEE 344.

RATO can configure the power supply with desired fixed or variable AC or DC input voltages, number of different output voltages with different current ratings, standalone or Rack mountable with all the features and qualifications as explained above.