Product Details

Digital Panel Meters And Process Indicators

RATO?s panel meters are available with different dimensions which can fit in to standard Industrial panel cut-outs. In order to provide interchangeability between panel meters, most panel meters are designed to standard DIN sizes.

The most common types of panel meters are one that accepts a single input and provides a digital display of the signal. These meters typically accept inputs from temperature sensors such as thermocouples and RTDs as well as process signals such as 4-20 mA, 0- 20 mA, 0-5V DC and 0-10 V DC. Many panel meters include alarm options as well as the ability to connect and transfer data to a computer.

RATO offers several panel meters that can accept more than one input. Some meters can switch from one channel to the next by pressing a button on the facia panel of the meter, while others will automatically scan through a series of channels. RATO?s composite digital panel meter can accept up to 6 inputs.


  • Dimensions available are:
  • 24x48 mm, 24x72 mm, 24x96mm, 36x72 mm,48x48 mm, 48x72 mm, 48x96mm, 48x144mm, 72x72 mm,
  • 72x96mm, 72x144mm, 96x96 mm, 96x144 mm, 96x192mm, 144x144 mm.
  • Wide range of Auxiliary Power inputs
  • DC INPUTS: 5V DC, 12V DC, 15V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC and 220V DC.
  • AC INPUTS: 48V AC, 110V AC and 230V AC.
  • Dot Matrix OR Seven Segment LEDs for Digital display.
  • Different Display Colours like RED, AMBER, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE.
  • Wide Range of Display sizes from 7.6 mm to 100mm, custom built up to 300 mm.
  • Display Ranges from 2, 3, 31/2, 4, 41/2, 5 and 6 Digits.
  • Signal Inputs can be 0-5V DC, 1-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 4-20mA DC, 0-20mA DC. Thermocouple, RTD, OR any other input of customer?s choice.
  • Remote connectivity through RS 485 or Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol.
  • All types of DPMs are complied with the standards as IS 9000 for Climatic tests, IEC 61000 for EMI/EMC and IEEE 344 for SEISMIC.

RATO can accept any type of input, number of input channels, display size up to 300 mm, any multiples of 24mm size or any custom Dimensions and also fit any mathematical equations linear or non-linear of customer’s choice to display the Digital outputs accordingly.