About RATO

Our Business Stratergy is to make the customers delighted with our prod.ucts

We trust that our core strengths are Dedication, Commitment & Hard work!

With utmost value to our core strengths, we deliver products at competetive pricing, which follows a product cycle of a very quick product modelling on design and debvelopment front, procurement and production on the planning front, rigorous tests before dispatch on delivery front, constant customer feedback of product performance on support front .

Who We Are

Incorporated in the year 1991. RATO has emerged as a key player In the field of Industrial and Nuclear Instrumentation. Our goal is emerge as a potential technology partner for the needs of DAE in the field of instrumentation for all power programmes in India. At present we are catering the needs in the field of Power supplies, Signal conditioning modules, Bar graph indicators, Annunciation systems, Interface modules, Digital panel meters, custom built and nuclear Instruments.

RATO is in the process of diversifying its activity in the field of nuclear Instrumentation by developing and manufacturing smart radiation monitors required by nuclear power plants, Reprocessing plants and other DAE organizations in association with Electronics Corporation of India Limited.

Power Supplies

Signal Conditioning

Interface Modules

Digital Panel

what we do?

RATO is engaged in Design, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing several products with emphasis on these products viz. Power supplies, Signal conditioning Modules, Interface modules, Digital Panel meters, Custom built products and Nuclear Instruments.

RATO contributed significantly in designing, developing and manufacturing various types of Power supplies (precision, Linear and SMPS), Signal conditioning Modules, Interface modules, Digital Panel meters and Bar Graph Indicators over the past 25 years and met all the requirements of the customers; with necessary qualifications tests like Climatic, EMI/EMC and Seismic etc. so as to cater the requirements of NPCIL, BHAVNI, IGCAR and BARC of DAE family.

RATO has a wide range of signal conditioning modules which include DC voltage, current, AC voltage, current, frequency, Thermocouple, RTD (2,3 and 4 wire), load cell, potentiometer and electric charge. Outputs for signal conditioning modules can be voltage, current, frequency, timer, counter, relay, resistance or potentiometer and any other specialized outputs with single or multiple isolated outputs.

RATO has designed, developed and produced many types of Switching Mode Power supplies which work with 230V AC or 220V DC with different output voltages with different current ratings, we could achieve <10mV peak to peak ripple/ noise voltage with <0.1% line and 0.2% load regulations. Our design criteria are considering the necessary component de-rating.

Annunciator window displays provide an indication of process status which is a must in any process applications. RATO’S Annunciator window provides a bright, colourful display surface with options of sizes, colours and control logics with Built-in flasher & buzzer amplifier circuit.
Among the other products we have world class bar graph indicators, hooters, interface modules, digital panel meteres and much more.

our clients

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